Friday, 5 December 2008

Winter Tale

The wind funneled and thrusted like the deft blows of a fencer, while the foaming sea collapsed upon the beach with ruinous intent. We were both barefoot though, our cold feet barely making imprints in the hard packed sand. It was close to midnight, and one might think that we were being a little reckless wandering along the beach with no help at hand. The tide was out though, and our feet only ever felt the wet cold touch of seaweed when they weren't picking up sand grains.
It was different at night. The hard cold nature of cliff and ocean made us feel like primitive newborns, and the absence of people which seemed to lessen its scale during the day, only made it more powerful and deadly. The two of us were young though, romantic and thrill-seeking. We were alone as well - solitary, fragile creatures caught in the midst of primal natural forces and with a universe about us. I looked up, at a cavern of diamonds, and my humble limited eyesight suddenly danced to the edge of eternity and back again, towards my tiny shivering soulmate whose cheeks were red beneath her woolen hat. It seemed appropriate, to be alone with her and seek faith in a universe who had seen many things come and go.
I clutched her hands and blew on them, and asked her which star she would like. She smiled, and then a soft white flake landed on her ring finger.

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